How can you do exterior house washing? The answer is more difficult than you might actually believe. Pressure washing and soft washing are two basic ways to clean any surface of a property. However, they differ when it comes to their scope. While both of these methods are placed under the category of “power washing,” it is vital to know when you must use every method. For instance, once you consider using high pressure to eliminate general contaminants on your surface, you might pose risks that can compromise the structure of that surface. On the other hand. A soft wash might not clean the surface well once the detergents used are not specifically intended for cleaning the surface. 


 There’s an apparent distinction between a soft wash and a pressure wash. And the instances of how they can help could greatly differ. In this article, we will be helping you to understand your options and which process can cater to your property’s surface that you want to clean.  


What is pressure washing? 

This method is performed with the use of water under pressure, which is intended to clean durable and sturdy surfaces that have more heavily ingrained or embedded contaminants. Generally, pressure washing is the greatest method if you want to eliminate stain or loose paint to prep it for another application of stain or paint. However, using high pressure to wash a home siding or deck has its fair share of major disadvantages. One of these is that you can damage these surfaces easily once you handled it incorrectly. 

Though high pressure best suits to prepare aluminum siding to be painted, this method is not recommended to utilize if you don’t intend to paint it after the procedure. In this case, you are posing the danger of eliminating your siding’s finish. Also, your concrete, which is already exceeded three years, can benefit by using higher pressure wash. However, you still need to be extra careful upon doing it. Ultimately, high pressure is not suggested when it comes to cleaning your roof because you could cause damage to your shingles and can possibly give the danger of nullifying its warranty. 

What is soft washing? 

If you want the most effective and the safest means of removing surface contaminants, like dirt, mildew, algae, and mold, the greatest option you have would be using soft washing. A soft wash utilizes a safe pressure and basically depends on the specialized cleansers utilized during the procedure. Soft washing delivers the water and cleansers usually at lower pressure but a higher volume. 

If your concrete is less than 3 years old, then we recommend you to use a soft wash. This is basically to guarantee that your surface’s structural integrity won’t be compromised. Aside from that, a wash that’s even milder than a usual soft wash would be best used to protect the surface of your roof. Generally speaking, soft washing is the most recommended method if you want a standard cleaning of your roof, deck, house, or newer concrete.