If unfortunately, you are accused of a crime, you will be asked to post bail so you can go home and try to go on with your life while awaiting trial. The bond that you have to pay is determined by the court and may go up to a million dollars if the criminal offense committed is severe.  

If you can’t post the bond, don’t worry. There are bail bond companies that can help you out with that. They will usually post the money in the court and simply charge you for it. They’ll make you pay for the money they posted following a certain payment plan that you must agree into.  

How Do Bail Agents Make Their Money? 

Bail bond companies pay the full amount of the bail to court and then charges the accused a certain percentage of it. Such a percentage, which is usually 10%, serves as the cost of the bond. It will not be returned to the client anymore. However, the company may still collect the bond that they have posted in court after the trial.  

In essence, if the court asked for a bond of $1 million, it means you would have to pay the bail bond agent $100,000. They will produce the $1 million required by the court and charge you the $100,000 as their fee. You’ll pay the $100,000 in equal installments throughout the trial.  

At the end of the trial, they’ll get their $1 million from the court. However, the actual transfer of money between the court and the bail bond company rarely happens. Usually, all they give is a signed agreement like a promissory note saying that they’ll pay the court the exact amount if and when the accused fails to comply with the demands and conditions of the court.   

What Happens If You Failed to Appear for Trial? 

For the court to allow you to post bail, you have to agree to certain conditions. If you can’t comply, then your bail will be revoked. Failing to appear or trial is a violation of your bail. If that happens, then the law allows the bail bond company to apprehend you and take you to the court.  

This is how bounty hunters came to be. Bounty hunters are professionals who are trained in tracking down, apprehending, and retrieving bond skippers and fugitives. If they can’t locate you, then the bail bond company will be forced to seize all the assets that you used as bond collateral.  

How Do You Hire a Bail Bond Company? 

It is not really easy to hire a bail bond company as you don’t experience this type of an ordeal every day. And you can’t ask friends or family members for referrals because chances are that they, too, are clueless about it. Also, you don’t really have the luxury of time browsing through bail bond companies while being held and interrogated at a police station.  

But then again, there are reputable bail bond companies that you can consult with and actually trust. You may check out https://www.idahofallsbailbond.com/ if you need more details about the service.